Friday, July 25, 2014

SINEX to GITSA GTS format conversion

Following my previous post, I recently developed a MATLAB script to convert SINEX format to GITSA GTS format, called 'snx2crd'. This script reads the SINEX output files and makes coordinates input files in the GTS format for the GITSA software.
This script was basically written to convert the SINEX files obtained from the Bernese RNX2SNX BPE, however, since SINEX is a standard format, this script can be used with any other GPS data processing software that is able to produce results in the SINEX format. This script does not change coordinate system of the estimated coordinates. The script calls 'sinex_find_block' and 'sinex_read_solutionestimate' MATLAB scripts. They can be downloaded all from my My File Exchange space.

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