Friday, May 04, 2012

GDC: GPS Date Converter

GPS Date Converter (GDC) is a small utility to convert six different date formats, including: (1) decimal year, (2) year, month, day, (3) year, day of year, (4) GPS week, day of week, (5) Julian date, and (6) modified Julian date.
These formats are quiet common in Earth Sciences, specially in GNSS applications. GDC is a part of GNSS Interactive Time Series Analysis (GITSA) software, that is currently under development and test. Figure 1 shows a snapshot of the GDC.
Snapshot of the GPS Date Convertor (GDC)
Figure 1. GPS Date Convertor (GDC)
GDC is a visual program written in MATLAB© programming language. It is very simple to use. Users just need to enter the date they need to be converted in the "Date" box, and then choose its format from the "Format" dropdown menu. Then, simply click on the "Calculate" button, and that's it! The input date is converted to the other formats and is shown in the output table.
GDC was developed in the hope that it will be useful. It is published under GNU Public License, and is freely available at SourceForge. Even though, it was already tested and correct functionality was assured, it is published as it is (WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY).

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