Monday, January 23, 2012

The GIA horizontal motion

The GIA modest horizontal velocities can provide an important additional constraint to GIA models. GIA models generally predict a pattern of horizontal divergence away from centres of uplift (James and Lambert, 1993; Peltier, 1998, 2002). Near the margin of the formerly glaciated region, horizontal motions may exhibit more complex patterns related to the details of fore-bulge collapse. Further away from the de-glaciated region, the direction of horizontal flow can be directed either toward or away from the loads, depending on the assumed early glacial history and mantle viscosity profile (Mazzotti, 2005). Although the vertical motions are generally consistent with predictions of GIA models, the horizontal data illustrate the need and opportunity to improve the models via more accurate descriptions of the ice load and laterally variable mantle viscosity (Sella et al., 2007).

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